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We bring 40 years of innovation to the ADC field. Our lead program, mirvetuximab soravtansine, is a first-in-class ADC in Phase 3 development for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer and we have a number of ADCs in development in our clinical and early stage pipelines.

Therapeutic Area


Preclinical Research

Preclinical Development

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Ovarian Cancer

SORAYA: Monotherapy in FRα-High Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer (Single-Arm Pivotal Trial)


MIRASOL: Monotherapy in FRα-High Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer (Randomized Confirmatory Trial)

GLORIOSA: Doublet with Mirvetuximab + Bevacizumab Maintenance in FRα-High Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer (Randomized Trial)

PICCOLO: Monotherapy in Frα-High Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer (Single-Arm Trial)

420: Doublet with Mirvetuximab + Carboplatin in FRα-Low, Medium, and High Platinum-Sensitive Ovarian Cancer (Single-Arm Trial)


Other Solid Tumors

901: NSCLC, Gastric, Pancreatic, TNBC, and Other Solid Tumors

Endometrial, NSCLC, TNBC


CADENZA (801): Monotherapy in BPDCN (Includes Single-Arm Pivotal Cohort in Frontline)


802: Triplet with Azacitidine and Venetoclax in AML

Solid Tumor Heme Malignancies

ADAM9: a disintegrin and a metalloprotease 9; ADC: antibody-drug conjugate; AML: acute myeloid leukemia; BPDCN: blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm; CD: cluster of differentiation; FRα: folate receptor alpha; NSCLC: non-small cell lung cancer; TNBC: triple-negative breast cancer

For clinical trial information, contact: medicalaffairs@immunogen.com.

ImmunoGen’s investigational products have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or other regulatory authorities. The safety and efficacy of investigational products have not been established.


In addition to our own, proprietary pipeline of ADC candidates, we have a number of partnerships and collaborations in place that leverage our technology – and those of our collaborators – to address unmet medical needs. We continually seek innovative partnerships with the goal of advancing science, gaining access to complimentary capabilities, strengthening our financial position, and creating more value for ImmunoGen.

Examples of our partnerships include a strategic cross-licensing agreement with CytomX Therapeutics to develop ProbodyTM drug conjugate (PDC) therapies and a co-development and co-promotion collaboration with MacroGenics to develop a first-in-class ADAM9-targeting ADC.

legacy platform deals

Our technology platform has been the basis for a number of high-value partnerships for the company, including the first-ever ADC approved as a treatment option for HER2-positive breast cancer, which is marketed by Roche, called Kadcyla®.

In addition to Roche, we have ADC technology deals in place with Amgen, Bayer, and Sanofi.