No matter their specialty, physicians and health care providers working in the oncology field share a common belief: treating cancer is a both a privilege and a challenge.

They are collectively inspired by the possibility of getting patients back to their lives – back to living today, tomorrow, and beyond. It’s what makes the work so many of them do in pushing clinical research forward so important.

And it’s why we’re here, ready to provide support and information to the professionals who dedicate their careers to helping patients have more good days.

Investigator Initiated Trials

ImmunoGen reviews Investigator Initiated Trial proposals (ISTs) on a rolling basis. Please call 1-833-486-4646 for more information.

Grants and Continuing Medical Education

ImmunoGen reviews grants and continuing medical education requests on an ongoing basis. Please call 1-833-486-4646 for more information. 

ImmunoGen Resources

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Adverse Events

To report an Adverse Event or Product Complaint, please call 1-833-486-4646.

General Healthcare Professional Inquiries

For all other Healthcare inquiries, please call 1-833-486-4646.