What We Do

We think it’s time to give the world a therapy that targets the problem and only the problem. A therapy that targets cancer cells where they live, not where you live. Because liberating lives is what we live for.

At ImmunoGen, our science targets cancer cells and our hearts target a better now.

Jess’ Story

After being diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer at just 27, Jess embraced the concept of living more good days. Painting became a source of uninhibited exploration during her recovery, as did climbing mountains. She would go on to explore this life from its highest peak, becoming a professional mountain guide and the first ovarian cancer survivor to ever summit Mount Everest.

Donna’s Story

In 2016, Donna was diagnosed with advanced-stage ovarian cancer following a bowel obstruction. A grueling course of chemotherapy followed and after her decision to stop treatment, along came a new commitment to living more good days and an unwavering dedication to raising awareness about this disease. Donna is proud to share her story – from diagnosis and on to living joyously atop her Harley with “Teal on Wheels” emblazoned on the back of her leather motorcycle vest.

Nick’s Story

Nick was a healthy young man “living for the weekend” in the Heartland of the US when learned first-hand what “life interrupted” means. A lump on the back of his calf turned out to be the tell-tale sign of a rare and aggressive blood cancer called blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm, or BPDCN. Nick shares his story – from diagnosis through treatment and on to recovery – so that other people living with this disease don’t feel so alone.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa shares an intimate and inspiring story of what it means to wake up from a routine cyst removal surgery to hear the words, “You have ovarian cancer.” From that diagnosis to today, Lisa shares the ups and downs of treatment, a special bond with the man who would not leave her side, and her commitment as an advocate and fundraiser to make sure the often hidden signs of ovarian cancer do not stay hidden for long. With the help of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Lisa is a passionate advocate for ovarian cancer and she is our inspiration.

Gayle’s Story

Gayle describes herself as always on the “go-go-go.” Fiercely independent and proud of her grandchildren, Gayle shares the shock of her AML diagnosis and the whirlwind of treatments, quarantines, and lengthy hospital stays that kept her away from everyday life for months. With a mantra of “10 more steps a day,” and a supportive husband and family, Gayle shares how an unexpected post on social media helped her put cancer behind her. With the help of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Gayle is a passionate advocate for acute myeloid leukemia and she is our inspiration.

Patient Stories

We have met many amazing men and women whose lives have been interrupted by the progression of cancer. We look to these people as inspiration.

Andre’s Story

Ann’s Story

Dan’s Story

Elle’s Story

John’s Story

Rory’s Story