Anetumab ravtansine (BAY 94-9343) is a mesothelin-targeting ADC in development by Bayer HealthCare for the treatment of mesothelioma. It is in a Phase 2 clinical study designed to support registration.

Indatuximab ravtansine (BT-062) is an ADC that targets CD138. It is in clinical testing by Biotest for the treatment of a variety of cancers that express this target, including multiple myeloma, triple negative metastatic breast cancer and metastatic bladder cancer. We have opt-in rights for the US.

Isatuximab (SAR650984) is a therapeutic, or "naked", antibody that is in Phase 3 clinical testing through our collaboration with Sanofi. SAR650984 targets CD38 and has shown promising activity in early clinical testing when used alone or as part of a combination regimen to treat patients with previously treated multiple myeloma.

SAR408701 is an ADC in development by Sanofi for the treatment of solid tumors that express CEACAM5.

SAR428926 is a LAMP1-targeting ADC in development by Sanofi.

SAR566658 is an ADC is in development with Sanofi for the treatment of CA6-expressing cancers, which include many breast, ovarian, cervical, lung and pancreatic tumors.

DEBIO 1562/IMGN529 is an ADC in development by Debiopharm for the treatment of patients with CD37-positive B-cell malignancies, such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL).

AMG XXX in clinical testing.

LY3076226 is an FGFR3-targeting ADC in development by Lilly.

PCA062 is an ADC in development by Novartis for P-cadherin-positive cancers.

HKT288 is an ADC in development by Novartis for CDH6-positive cancers.

Our partner Roche is also conducting clinical trials with Kadcyla for additional indications.

Amgen, CytomX, Lilly, Novartis, Sanofi and Takeda also have certain rights to develop products using our ADC technology.

Last updated: June 2017

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