Our ADC Technology

Scientists can create engineered antibodies (Abs) that bind specifically to targets found on cancer cells (e.g., HER2, EGFR). While Abs can effectively target cancer cells, most Abs can't effectively kill cancer cells.

Our ADC technology comprises our portfolio of highly potent cancer-cell killing agents that can be attached to Abs for targeted delivery to cancer cells. The Ab serves to target the compound to cancer cells and our payload serves to kill them. Our ADC technology also includes our portfolio of engineered linkers. Our linkers keep the payload attached to the Ab while in the bloodstream and then control its release and activation inside a cancer cell.

Clinical data have been published on more anticancer compounds made with our technology, and in more cancers, than with any other technology in the "antibody-drug conjugate" field.

Our ADC compounds are designed to travel through a patient's bloodstream to reach the target cancer cells wherever they occur.